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Just think of Pensacola without Seville Square and its historic neighborhood, the historic Dorr house and the restored Barkley House. All of these areas are preserved, to be enjoyed today and into the future because of Pensacola Heritage Foundation.

The Pensacola Heritage Foundation, Inc. was established in 1964 by its founder Mary Turner Rule and is affiliated with the National and Florida Trusts for Historic Preservation. The Foundation is the oldest historic preservation organization in our area and continues to pursue its mission of preserving and protecting Pensacola’s rich history through educational programs and community activities.

Whether you are a newcomer to the area or a life-long resident, we promise that you will discover something new through our educational programs. If you are interested in and care about the rich heritage of our community, then we invite become a member of this Foundation.


Pensacola: Restoring Our Past


The Pensacola Heritage Foundation’s first project was to restore one of the oldest homes in downtown Pensacola to its original condition. That was the Dorr House, located right on Seville Square. Next was the restoration of Seville Square itself. The Foundation also undertook the restoration of the Barkley House from which we operated more than 15 years.

For 25 years the Pensacola Heritage Foundation had a long tradition of making Seville Square the center of our community as well as a gathering ground for the Evenings In Olde Seville Square concert series which offered free entertainment to the public with thousands of people attending the concerts every Thursday during the summer.


Mission Statement

To preserve and protect Pensacola’s heritage through advocacy, education and community development.

Promoting Education

Scholarship Essay Contest

Pensacola Heritage Foundation promotes education with our annual Scholarship Essay Contest. The Foundation awards two deserving college bound high school students, one student from Escambia County and one student from Santa Rosa County, $1000 scholarships toward their college education. We begin receiving applications in January and conclude in April. 

History Fair

Pensacola Heritage Foundation participates in the Escambia County History Fair in February and awards a winner our Junior Heritage Achiever Award and a check for $100 

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Galvez Project

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On March 22, 2016 The Pensacola Heritage Foundation announced our largest project ever, constructing a statue of General Bernardo de GálvezOn March 18, 1781, Gálvez led the naval charge into the well-defended Pensacola Bay, a feat of daring that would earn him a royal patent adding the words “Yo Solo” (“I alone”) to his coat-of-arms. His forces landed near Bayou Chico and began a steady advance towards the city’s defenses, which included Fort George on Gage Hill (Palafox Street) and its two advance redoubts. After weeks of siege, a Spanish mortar detonated the powder magazine at the Queen’s Redoubt on May 8, devastating the British fortification. Gálvez accepted the surrender of British Governor John Campbell and claimed West Florida for Spain. By taking Pensacola, Gálvez stripped Britain of a key foothold on the Gulf Coast, which in turn benefited the

American Colonists in their quest for 

independence. General Gálvez was named a 

"Great Floridian" in 2012. In 2014, the

United States Congress conferred an

Honorary Citizenship on Gálvez, citing

him as a hero of the Revolutionary War.





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The monument is a life-size bronze statue of Gálvez astride his horse and facing the site of Fort George, his hat raised in victory. 

The $450,000 statue was created by Retired Navy Captain Robert Rasmussen and his daughter, Kathryn R. Vincze.  The statue was unveiled and dedicated on May 8, 2018 as part of the celebration of Galvez Day.

The event drew several hundred people downtown, including Spanish dignitaries from Gálvez's birthplace, the Spanish city of Macharaviaya, an official sister city of Pensacola.

If you would like to donate and receive on-site recognition, please contact, or visit for more information.


General Bernardo de Gálvez


The Pensacola Heritage Foundation is pleased

to present its 2021-2022 Lecture Series

featuring Historian Dr. Norm Haines.  

Dr. Haines is giving lectures on the History of Pensacola. The lectures are

held every other Tuesday at The Wright Place, 80 E. Wright Street, Pensacola, Florida. 

Doors open at 11:00 and lunch is served at 11:30. The lecture starts at 12 noon and lasts 1 hour. Lecture cost is $5.00 for non-members and is free to members.  Lunches are $10. Reservations are required for planning purposes (please make your reservations ahead of time) and can be made by contacting Pensacola Heritage Foundation by email

 or phone reservation 850-380-7759. 

Lecture Series


Schedule of Lectures:

July 13- The Spanish Exploration of the Americas (16th Century)

July 27- Don Tristan de Luna: the Conqueror Who Failed (1559-1561)

Aug 10- Pensacola The Lost Years & Its Spanish Rediscovery (1561-1719)

​Aug 24- British Pensacola (1763-1781)

Sept 7- Bernardo Galvez: The Making of a Conqueror (1746-1781)

Sept 21- Bernardo Galvez: The Siege of Pensacola (1781)

Sept 28- Pensacola's People of Color During Spanish & British Rule (1559-1821)

Oct 12- Guest Speaker Allen Strum

Nov 2- On The Corner of Trials & Tribulations: History of Old Warrington & Woolsey (1825-1934)

            Part I: The Pensacola Navy Yard

Nov 16- On The Corner of Trials & Tribulations: History of Old Warrington & Woolsey (1825-1934)

            Part II: Life on The Navy Reservation

Nov 30- Captain William Chase and the New City (1829-1870)

Dec 14- Causes of the Civil War & The Lost Cause Myth

Dec 28- No Meeting

Jan 11- Pensacola During Reconstruction (1865-1877)

Jan 25- Jim Crow Pensacola (1877-1965)

Feb 8- Racism, Lynchings & the KKK (1865-1975)

Feb 22- Pensacola's East Hill: The Making of an Eclectic Neighborhood

Mar 8- Alexander Stoddart: the Man With a Plan (1872-1906)

Mar 22- Pensacola's Red Light District (1870-1941)

Apr 5- The Pharmaceutical History of Pensacola (1821-1939)

April 19- Pensacola's Photographers (1842-1960)

May 3- How Photography Shaped The American Civil War

May 17- The Pensacola Streetcar Strike (1908)

May 31- Southern Immigration & Pensacola's Greek Population

June 14- Pensacola's People of Color: The Long March to Freedom


Special Events


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Annual Members Meeting 

Has been postponed until the spring. Stay tuned for new date and time!


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Pensacola Heritage Foundation

Become a part of an organization whose work is never finished. As long as our community's heritage is threatened, we will be there to encourage preservation and remind others that our heritage is what makes Pensacola a unique and very special place.

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Pensacola, Florida 1885

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