Galvez Statue

Galvez Project

On March 22, 2016 The Pensacola Heritage Foundation announced their largest project ever, constructing a $400,000 statue of General Bernardo de Galvez. The statue honors Galvez and the Spanish men and women who played an important role in Pensacola’s History as well as to highlight his influence on the outcome of the American Revolution. General Galvez was chosen for this monument because he was instrumental in driving the British out of Pensacola during the American Revolution. He was recognized as an Honorary Floridian in 2012 and in 2015 was made an Honorary Citizen of the United States by an act of Congress.

The monument will be a life-size bronze statue of Galvez astride his horse and facing the site of Fort George, his hat raised in victory. Sculptor Bob Rasmussen has finished the clay model, which was sent to the Atlanta foundry to be bronzed. It will be returned to Pensacola in late April 2017. Architect Dio Perera designed the base that our statue will sit atop, which will include a plinth of Spanish limestone featuring the Gálvez coat-of-arms cast in bronze. Water features will spill into an infinity pool made of Spanish granite. The pool will be enclosed by a bench of Spanish limestone and surrounded by a perimeter of red roses representing the Spanish soldiers who died in the campaign.

The entire monument will stand over nineteen feet tall and be located in the median at Palafox and Wright streets— truly a grand entrance to downtown Pensacola.

A groundbreaking ceremony is planned for May 8, 2017, in conjunction with the annual Galvez Day Celebration.

We have received more than half of the necessary funds, including contributions from the Mayor and Pensacola City Council, Escambia County Commissioners, and support from local foundations and numerous individuals.

If you would like to donate and receive on-site recognition, please contact, or visit for more information.