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Pensacola. Restoring Our Past.

The Pensacola Heritage Foundation, Inc. was established in 1964 by its founder Mary Turner Rule and is affiliated with the National and Florida Trusts for Historic Preservation. The Foundation is the oldest historic preservation organization in our area and continues to pursue its mission of preserving and protecting Pensacola’s rich history through restoration work, educational programs, and community activities.

The Foundation's first project was to restore one of those dilapidated homes in downtown Pensacola to its original condition. That was the Dorr House, located right on Seville Square. Next was the restoration of Seville Square itself. The Foundation also undertook the restoration of the Barkley House from which we operated more than 15 years.

For 25 years the Pensacola Heritage Foundation had a long tradition of making Seville Square the center of our community as well as a gathering ground for the Evenings In Olde Seville Square concert series which offered free entertainment to the public with thousands of people attending the concerts every Thursday during the summer.

We also continue the tradition of educating our community and work to ensure that Pensacola remains a preservation community. For more than 17 years we have hosted the ReDiscovery Lecture featuring John Appleyard. All topics are of Pensacola’s past, present and future.

Unlocking our past one day a time.

Board of Directors Mission Statement